Anamorphic Test Uno: Montclair, NJ

Article / 11 July 2018

I work in Montclair, NJ. Its a beautful town with lots of interesting people, and fun stuff to observe :)

I often go out with my camera and photograph the sights. Recently, I've started shooting a lot of video, so I thought I would do both and this is the fruit of that experiment.

Cheating a 2.66 Aspect Ratio.
Lens 55mm Minolta Prime 1.8
Panasonic g85 16/9 sensor with some 4/3 hacks mixed in.
3840x2160 capture converted to 2048 x 1556 scope.

Originally, I was testing the homemade anamorphic filter I made (You can tell in the cruddy bokeh), but then the project evolved to include some VFX work. I started exploring fast, inexpensive methods to generate animatable and rigged models, and landed on adobe Fuse for this test. To keep things in Blender, for next time I think I will instead use the ManuelBastioniLab add-on for Blender---or sculpt something =D

This exercise gave me an opportunity to grapple with composition workflows on a cheap filter before investing in any real glass or 4/3 sensors.
I also learned some additional grading techniques, tracking techniques and motion capture techniques in DaVinci Resolve, and Blender 3D.

This post has a more CGI focused breakdown:

Music: "LITE SPOTS - by Kaytranada"