Film Riot & Filmstro (1-minute short contest)

General / 05 December 2018

As children we often hear the lyrics to our favorite music anyway we want to, regardless of the meaning. Hearing a child's interpretation of a popular song, or saying is always magical. In this short, a seasoned wizard learns this lesson while teaching his child her first spell.

We used my old Panasonic g85, an even older minolta 55mm lens, and an older still Schneider Cinelux 2x Anamophic lens. I used a pair of lavalier mics to record onto an old cellphone, with a Takstar directional mic on the camera as a backup. (Thank god I did.)  Edited in Resolve.

I think she may have the actor's bug. Sadly, she has lowly me to act against---tried to keep my input to a minimum!

All music is from Go there! Now!