Cabin Du Penseur (Arnold & Renderman)

I took the first half of 2019 to try and immerse myself in Houdini.
This case study is my first project.
It started as a renderman challenge (
Following some amazing feedback from friends, in particular Keith Beltrimini (, I ended up switching to Arnold after the challenge for further study.

Paris hall cdp rec2020 sm

The final Arnold Render. Comp was done in Nuke and Final Grade in Resolve.

Paris hall 2881 screenshot from 2019 05 10 15 58 27

UDIM texturing in Substance.

Paris hall cabin du penseur final2

The RenderMan version shows my first work in Houdini. Overall, it was a great experience. The technical issues I ran into were the result of being so green. Its here just to show the impact of feedback. Thanks, Keith!

Paris hall screenshot from 2019 08 05 12 26 12

First time working in ACES via OCIO.