SJ Speedster Breakdown

A quick breakdown of my process.

Some of the desert assets in Quixel Bridge

Some of the desert assets in Quixel Bridge

PhoenixFD driven by Thinking Particles

Original Thinking Particles sim.

I did this exercise late last year as a one-off to learn more about PhoenixFD and Thinking Particles, while I make my way through the Allan McKay's Live Action Series.
There was a major update to Thinking Particles right when the series started and I used this test to better familiarize myself with the updates. Eloi Andaluz Fullà over at EffectiveTD, also really, really helped me close the gap and migrate my TyFlow/PFlow/Houdini experience.

The SJ Speedster is from the incredible wirewheelsclub website:

I did the set dressing with Quixel & one HDRI from HDRI Haven.

Learned a ton!