SculptJanuary 2018: Day 10 & 11

Still at it, and very behind, but taking it on the chin and continuing to move onwards and upwards.
Day 10 was Disgust ( Which really turned into quite the challenge )
Day 11 was Marine.

Paris hall 11 marine2

Based off of the amazing artwork of Cryptid-Creations---admittedly, my rendition is not as loveable. =D

Paris hall bts marine01

His expression captures my sleeping habits of late--or lack there of.

Paris hall 10 disgust01

Disgust is an apt description for how I felt after stopping cold turkey on this sculpt. I had to stop, it was only getting worse!

Paris hall bts disgust01

Really would have loved to capture the hair as it was in the photo, but time and skill would not allow. It will be a fun challenge some day =D