ATM: Mercedes Benz Powerwall & Technology Videos


I took over as CG Lead after the former 3D Director, Keith Beltramini moved out to LA. I developed tools for 3DS Max, animated, textured, and rigged vehicles / components in Unity alongside a huge number of 2D / 3D artist and programmers (far more than I am listing): Chris Wnuk (Head of Prototypes & New Technologies and Project Lead), Keith Beltramini (Early Look Development), Dan McDonald (Tech Supervisor, Data Processing, Scene Assembly, Animation, Scripting), Jose Marin (Retopo, Data Processing), Jon Caro (Retopo, Data Processing ), Murad Bey (Retopo, Data Processing, Animation), Isaac Kalski (Animation), Alexander Cooper ( Data Processing, Animation, Rigging ), Corinne Cook (Retopo, Data Processing, Animation, Rigging), Peter Karnik (Data Processing, Animation, Rigging), Matt Dale (Retopo, Data Processing, Animation, Rigging).

I served as CG Lead and Co-Director alongside Adam Levine (Director of Video), Duong Tran ( Motion Graphics ), and Mark Webber ( Editing )

Paris hall powerwall03

Mercedes-AMG tasked All Things Media with creating a unique digital experience to showcase the key characteristics of what makes their high-performance vehicles the best in the industry… “The Mercedes-AMG Power Wall.”

ATM won the 2016 Motion Awards. I’m so proud of the team and honored I had anything to do with it.

Electronic Limited-Slip Differential (ELSD) is one of 5 videos ATM produced as part of the campaign.

ATM | CG Breakdown of AMG Technology Videos