SculptJanuary 2018: Mondays (15 & 22)

So, I'm so far behind that I'm going to do last week and this week each night, as speed sculpts.
Won't be nearly as polished, but its been a fun challenge.

Torso was straightforward.

Paris hall 15 limb01

For those of a certain age this blue limb meant many hours in front of an NES.

Paris hall 15 limb02

Granted, my version is overly muscular... Took about 2.5 hrs

Paris hall 15 limb bts

It was fun to sculpt the details in the plasma cannon. Maybe some day I'll clean it up and develop it more.

Paris hall 22 torso01

Quick sculpt during lunch. ~40mins

Paris hall torsospeedsculpbtst01