All Things Media: RCOM

COMPANY: All Things Media
ROLE: Animator, Rigger
SOFTWARE: Photoshop, Nuke, 3D Studio Max, Vray
DATE: 2014

This is an early test. You can see how much further it progressed due to great feedback and teamwork

The video started as a rig quality assurance test and when my supe saw it, he thought we ought to try and make a small piece out of it. ‘RCom Chase’ is just a small piece of a bigger sequence we had hoped to turn into a trailer.

Keith Beltramini:
Director / Supervisor
Environment: model / texture / shader / lighting
Rusted car: model / texture / shader
Bug & Tank: shader adjustments
Jeep: model / texture / shader (some attached assets)
Camera animation

Steven Donnet:
Bug & Telephone poles: model / texture / shader

Yoshi Vu:
Tank: model / texture / shader
Jeep: model / texture / shader

Paris Hall:
Bug: rig / animation
Jeep: rig / animation / particle animation

Murad Bey:
Bug: rig

Dan McDonald:
Tank: rig
FX: dust / rocks

Jose Marin:
Tracking & Paint