Mad Maxine: Teapot Tank

This is my unfinished submission to the Renderman "Rolling Teapot" Challenge over at the PIXAR Renderman Forums.
Model developed by Brice Laville Saint-Martin, and designed by Tom Robinson
We weren't allowed to alter the silhouette or typology, unless a vector displacement was used.
I utilized the now (somewhat) unsupported Blender to Renderman plugin.
I sculpted all the displacements in Blender and then baked out the vector displacement maps to be used by Renderman.
I textured primarily in Substance Painter with mild editing in Blender, as well.

Paris hall madmaxine teapot tank01 cropped

The submission on the PIXAR forums. I didn't fully realize my vision, but it was worth all the late nights, just to get more familiar with Renderman, learn Substance, play with Blender and confront the limits of my knowledge.

Paris hall capture

This is my first exploration of the model, beginning to set up groups and organizing the scene.

Paris hall fixed uvs plus udim colors

Cleaned up the UVS and wrote a very small script to easily apply vertex colors to faces and selected objects very quickly.

Paris hall pxrlayeredtextureudim

Demoing how to use my script to apply vertex colors, and use those rgb values to drive PxrSurface / PxrDisney textures with PxrVars.

Paris hall x ozg4fqzl491wi5ujgo1 1280

To bake Vector Displacements in Blender, I had to use multires modifier, bake the position data of the highRes mesh into a an 8k image and then use that data to project it onto the 4k vect disp map.

Paris hall uvs

As far as I know, Blender has no proper UDIM module. I used the vertex color script to drive maps per face per object. Substance could then use the UV tiles to makes it texture sets as it does normally.

Paris hall unnamed 1

My Scultping progress