SculptJanuary 2018: Day 4 & 5 (Desert & Golem)

So.... the days got away from me!!
Trying to catch up.
Been sculpting each day, but definitely confronting my weakness in this new arena for me.
Its been rough learning to let go =D
Desert had about 10 starts and stops.
The figure's was taking waaay too long, because of the cape.
Eventually, I just stopped.

Hopefully uploading the finished "Monster" and "Adventure" days tonight.

Paris hall 05 golem comped01

Day 05 - The Golem was a lot easier to get out. This took a few hours.

Paris hall desert01 comp

Day 04 - Desert just did not want to come out. Still dissatisfied with the cape, but again, I needed to move on. Onwards and upwards!