We've been doing a lot of Migraine MOD / MOA visualization and I had a model of a brain to play with. In my spare time I have been playing with Houdini's VEX language and poking around NASA's Public Domain Library.

Paris hall mindkraft 01 rec709

The point at which I stopped working on this :)

Paris hall houdin construction01

The environment is a simple daisy chain of SOPS extruding by the red color.

Paris hall houdin construction01

The images is of a Nebula downloaded from NASA's Public Domain Library.

Paris hall houdin construction01

This brain was modeled by Aleksey. Check out his work here: https://kashpersky.com/brain. I imported the Alembic file into Houdini and used a slightly more complex VEX grouping to connect random points to make the vessels.

Paris hall ocio conversion 01

Many renderers, Arnold for instance, can convert textures to ACEScg at rendertime. However, since Renderman can only convert to Linear, I had to manually convert each texture in Nuke---until a forum user showed how to do it in Houdini's "img" context.

Paris hall comping 01

Working through how to get OCIO working properly and reminding myself that I am not a comp artist.

Paris hall grade 01

Final Grading done in DaVinci Resolve, In ACES.