Bippity Boppity Boo?

This is my entry for the 2018 Filmstro FilmRiot 1-minute film contest.

**As children we often hear the lyrics to our favorite music anyway we want to, regardless of the meaning. Hearing a child's interpretation of a popular song, or saying is always magical. In this short, a seasoned wizard learns this lesson while teaching his child her first spell.**

My daughter came up with the idea of us both being Wizards with her as the pupil.
She also devised much of the acting on the spot. :) I just tried to capture it on camera, and in focus :)

We used my old Panasonic g85, an even older minolta 55mm lens, and an older still Schneider Cinelux 2x Anamophic lens. I used a pair of lavalier mics to record onto an old cellphone, with a Takstar directional mic on the camera as a backup.

All music is from Go there! Now!

December 5, 2018