Responsible for all animation unless otherwise noted.

Modeling / Texturing ~ Keith Beltramini (Jeep), Yoshi Vu (Tank / Jeep), Steven Donnet (Bug), Hong Zhu (Jeep)
Rigging ~ Dan McDonald (Tank), Paris Hall (Advanced Bug / Jeep), Murad Bey (LoRes Bug)
Camera Animation ~ Keith Beltramini (Final Camera Animation), Paris Hall (Layout)
FX / Smoke / Dust /Debris ~ Dan McDonald (Fume FX, Dust Haze, Rocks), Paris Hall (Jeep Debris)
Lighting /Rendering ~ Dan McDonald, Keith Beltramini
Compositing / Matte Painting / Tracking ~ Jose Marin
Sound ~ Jason Jaccoi

Mercedes Benz Technology Videos--
I served as CG Lead and Co-Director. I animated, scene assembled, rendered and comped alongside the following amazing artists:

Adam Levine ( Director ), Dan McDonald ( Tech Supervisor, Rendering, Modeling, Scene Assembly, Animation, VFX ), Jose Marin ( Compositing Lead ), Jon Caro ( Compositing, Modeling, Scene Assembly, Rendering & Lighting ), Murad Bey ( Scene Assembly, Animation, Rendering ), Alexander Cooper ( Animation, Rendering, VFX ), Steven Donnet ( Scene Assembly, Modeling, Lighting & Rendering), Corinne Cook ( Scene Assembly, Modeling, Lighting & Rendering), Peter Karnik ( Scene Assembly, Animation, Rendering ), Isaac Kalski ( Scene Assembly, Animation, Rendering ), Matt Dale ( Scene Assembly, Modeling, Animation, Rendering ), Duong Tran ( Motion Graphics ), Mark Webber ( Editing )

Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, and Comp.
Art Direction: Jeff Dash
Models: Alexey Kashpersky.

Rigging, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, and Comp.
Art Direction: Jeff Dash
Models: Walid Aziz

Sequence from Derek Friesenborg's short film "2 Headed Cop".

In-betweener / assistant animator

(Two background characters only)
Responsible for body rigs.
Facial Rigs ~ Murad Bey.
Models ~ Keith Beltramini.

Responsible for robot body rig. Gun Rig by Murad Bey.
Modelling / Texturing ~ Keith Beltramini, Yoshi Vu, Hong Zhu, Murad Bey, Mike Olsen.
Sound ~ Jason Jaccoi.
VFX ~ Dan Mcdonald.
Rendering ~ Jonathan Caro, Keith Beltramini
Compositing ~ Jose Marin.

**The Bishop, Aia and Stewie rigs are courtesy of Animation mentor.