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So…. my shiz was hacked again. This time I think it was just a contact form bot or some such nuisance, and not the über-motivated, non-terrorist Islamic Hackers That went after me before. It prompted me to install a few safety measures, as well as stay on the horn with my hosting for a good hour or two to figure out what to do in the future. I also read a ton of articles, as the last time my site was hacked was this past December. I’m not really trying to make a habit out of it. had some useful info I thought I should share. >>>>

Most Hacking Attacks Are Automated

One of the main reasons hackers don’t differentiate between the sites of different sizes is that attacks are almost always done automatically.

If you think someone typed your site address into a browser bar and had a good snoop around til they found something, you’d be dead wrong. This type of approach would be completely uneconomic from a hacker’s point of view.

Instead, just like search engines, hackers use bots to crawl the net. However, instead of indexing content, their bots sniff out known vulnerabilities. Automating the process allows hackers to attack many sites at once and thus increase their odds of success dramatically. Economies of scale at its best.

Thus, if your site gets hacked, it’s probably because it popped up on the radar of an automated script, not because someone consciously decided to target you. ~

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