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A Couple of Rigging Tools for Max

July 9, 2014 by in category 3ds-Max, Codes with 0 and 0
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In this zip you will find 3 macro scripts for 3ds Max.

pLoc_v1.0.0.mcr: this is a simple tool that will place a point helper at the location of each object in your selection. I found this extremely helpful in scenarios where I have a tentacle or chain of objects.

pShiftFrozen_v1.0.0.mcr: there is a neat script in 3ds max that allows the user to juggle the position and rotation controllers for an object and create a “zero-out” or “freeze” transforms. That is, you always have a point at which the given object can revert back to when animating. I’ve found that when rigging, and especially when repurposing rigs that I want the flexibility in a given controller to change its “zeroed-out” or “frozen position / rotation.” Normally, I would just refreeze the transforms, but sometimes the given controller has child nodes wired to its position data and freezing its transforms can break those connections. This tool allows the rigger to update the frozen position / rotation, without breaking the wired connections.

pVert_Loc_v1.0.0.mcr: Like the pLoc tool, this tool allows you to generate and place point helpers at a given location, but instead of placing the point helper at the pivot of the selected object(s), this tool will place point helpers at the selected vertices in the editable poly or editable mesh.

** NOTE: Each of these tools are macros. To install, run the mcr in the script editor and then go to CUSTOMIZE>>CUSTOMIZE USER INTERFACE to bring up the “customize user interface prompt.” From here just search for “PH_Tools” in the category dropdown. (I will probably be uploading a howTo video for installing macros)


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