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COMPANY: theVisualMD
ROLE: Modeler, Lighter & Renderer, Compositing, Art Direction
SOFTWARE: Fusion, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Brazil
DATE: 2010-2013
NOTE: The images from theVisualMD presented to the left were produced by the scientist and artists with whom I had the great pleasure of working. The videos were also produced in collaboration with the videography of Scott E. Moore & editing by Justine Angelis; compositing assistance from Rebecca Betts. I was responsible for the 3D work solely.

I was responsible for the flowing Red Blood Cell animation @ 00:30.

I was responsible for the chromosome animation from 00:09 to 00:15. The latter section was picked up by Jim Stanis.

I was responsible for the flowing Red Blood Cell animation @ 00:15, 01:35; 02:15; the White Blood Cell @ 01:00; the Platelet @01:15.

ABOUT theVisualMD

TheVisualMD was founded by Alexander Tsiaras in 1997. The main draw of this work is the fact that it is human story driven, and produced via actual human data acquired from MRIs, CT Scans, Electron Microscopy, to name just a few of the techniques. Check out thevisualMD website to learn more about the company and its founder.

After my time at Ogilvy Commonhealth Worlwide, I was hired as a contractor at theVisualMD. This project introduced me to one of the best groups of people I have ever met. They were loyal, steadfast and dedicated. I still look back on my time there very fondly. The Wellness Wheel was my first project and set the tone for the type of work I would be doing there for the next 2.5 years.