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I plan to document my misadventures and strange DIY projects here. It will likely revolve around Photography Rigs, CGI Short form, and live action for sure. I’ve always wanted to do more CGI / Live Action experiments and make my own HDRIs.

A short while ago, I spent 10 bucks on an old Pentax film camera. At the time I wasn’t familiar with live-action film-making, and I didn’t think much of the old vintage lens on the camera. Fast forward a couple years, I had been using the 50mm Canon knock off by yongnuo, but I found it kind of finicky and kind of soft. Also since I had the Takumar from way back, it seemed silly not to spend a couple bucks and get the adaptor to put the m42 mount lens on my Canon body. Imagine my suprise when I realized it was a 50mm f/1.4 super takumar! I’ve been using it ever since.

For rendering:
I’ve used Renderman a lot the last year or so, but I’ve always wanted to learn more about Arnold, so I’m going that route for now–it helps that Arnold ships with Maya for free now. Since I use Vray at work everyday, I also have that as an option.

For HDRIs:
The bowery has performed great. Even with my Rebel T3i’s cropped factor (1.6), I’m still requiring far fewer images for stitching a 360 / 180 panorama with the 8mm focal length. See an in the gallery to the right. Learn more about the DIY panohead I made here.

For plates:
I’ve begun making my own glide cam with 3-axis gimble. Its got a ways to go, but its getting there. So much awesome silliness has entered my life and its not just my lovely daughter =)