DIY Panoramic Head

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When I first attempted 360 / 180 hdr panoramas, they were near impossible. It mostly boiled down to my tripod head. I was attempting to make them with a sub-par articulating head. I did a test with my old crappy tripod to very poor results, so I decided to make one, and mount it onto a hand-me-down promaster tripod. I’d been doing a lot of wood work lately, and so I thought I’d figure out something like the video to the right.
I was trying to come up with a solution for auto-bracketing, so I started following this tutorial.
I have an arduino kit, so I thought why not. It was from ’09 so some of the stuff was a little dated. I was about halfway through it, when I stumbled across the dslr shutter release beta app for Android. Perfect fit. Armed with proper support and panohead I switched from PTGui for stitching and managed to capture the space behind me old work desk at Radius (where I work). The video above shows the fruit of this effort.

The bike model belongs to this artist on sketchfab.

Camera: Rebel T3i, Takumar 50mm 1.4

Software: Matchmove, Maya, Arnold, Nuke

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