Disney’s First Black Animator

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Laughing Place has this great article on the first African American Disney Animator.

Who was the first African American Disney animator? Most Disney fans will answer “Floyd Norman” and until last week, I would have said the same thing. However, I am wrong (and you probably are, too). While Floyd Norman did work forDisney animation, he was never technically an animator and the title of first black animator at Disney truly belongs to Ron Husband.

There are many jobs in animation, but the title of “animator” is one that has to be earned. From the early days at Disney until the 1980’s, an artist had to produce 100 feet of animation to get a screen credit. And in terms of rank, most artists started as in-betweeners, then promoted to assistant animators and the lucky few became animators. Floyd Norman’s career diverted from the path of an animator while at Disney as his talents were most effectively used in the story department.

SOURCE ~   Laughing Place

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