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Disney’s First Black Animator

2016-08-26 0 0

Laughing Place has this great article on the first African American Disney Animator. Who was the first African American Disney animator? Most Disney fans will answer “Floyd Norman” and until last week, I would have said the same thing. However, I am wrong (and you probably are, too). While Floyd Norman did work forDisney animation, he was…

Website Hacked (Again) >.<

2016-08-17 0 0

So.... my shiz was hacked again. This time I think it was just a contact form bot or some such nuisance, and not the über-motivated, non-terrorist Islamic Hackers That went after me before. It prompted me to install a few safety measures, as well as stay on the horn with my hosting for a good…


2016-08-15 0 0

A lot to digest in this behind the scenes clip from the film "Race" which came out t his February. If you, like me, were unfamiliar with the story's Olympian hero, Jesse Owens, check out NPR's full story, which covers the amazing story of African American Olympians competing in Nazi Germany. I've attached the audio. VFX, Film, Race…

Hacked Website

2015-12-06 0 0

What?! I've been so busy the last few months that this site has basically been stagnant. I recently went to login to check that my wordpress site was still functioning. Turns out I was hacked---and not just hacked, my whole site was torpedoed. So severe was the breach that my hosting had locked / suspended…