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BTS: Breaking Point

2016-08-17 0 0

A really awesome breakdown for Breaking Point came on my cgemeetup thread. BREAKING POINT (2016) The phenomenon " hysterical strength" refers to the ability of people to develop in extreme situations an almost superhuman strength , which is beyond the generally possible. We accompany a mother in childbirth . We follow the action but not in…


2016-08-15 0 0

A lot to digest in this behind the scenes clip from the film "Race" which came out t his February. If you, like me, were unfamiliar with the story's Olympian hero, Jesse Owens, check out NPR's full story, which covers the amazing story of African American Olympians competing in Nazi Germany. I've attached the audio. VFX, Film, Race…

BTS: Zootopia

2016-08-12 0 0

cgmeetup has this awesome breakdown on my favorite movie of the last few years to come out of Disney. MAKING OF ZOOTOPIA ANIMATION ENVIRONMENTS AND CHARACTERS Follow the story’s development from its origins to a big story shift that turned the film upside down. In this feature-length documentary, filmmakers give a candid look into the…

Seeds Matter, Man

2016-08-10 0 0

Just a whole lotta awesome in this "Seeds Matter" Short from Buck. SEEDS MATTER The fact that today, most seeds that grow our food are bred by agrochemical companies to be chemically dependent is totally @#$%’d up. To try and shed some light on an alternative method of growing our food stuffs, we partnered with…

Free Centaur Rig

2016-08-09 0 0

Cool free rig from cgmeetup! You can also get it directly from the source: Animator: Ramon Arango ( ) Rigger: Kasper Larsson / Manoanim Rig Breakdown website: Via cgmeetup: Download here (Sign-in to Download): Description – Spaceswitches – Full Facial squash and stretch rig – Squash and stretch body…

Atomic Fiction: Conductor

2016-08-09 0 0

With SIGGRAPH 2016 going on last week, a number of videos popped up with a lot of exciting news in the CGI industry. This awesome talk came up on cgmeetup on Atomic Fiction. In it Kevin  Baillie (CEO) speaks in depth about the challenges of meeting the tight timeline of Star Trek Beyond. He Covers their pipeline…

The Sentinel Short Film

2016-08-04 0 0

DIRECTORS’ STATEMENT The Sentinel is the story of a diverse set of people coping with their inner turmoils as well as with the physical obstructions before them, each trying to find their place in a world that constantly changes and pulls people apart. With this, we aim to emphasize the weight and complexity of the…