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Blender & Natron: Skin Study

2017-06-05 0 0

I did this skin study with this wiki project: This far superior render popped up while I was learning uber shaders: I felt inspired. This is rendered out of Blender Cycles and then comped in Natron. ( I don't yet fully grasp how to comp in Blender, and Natron is basically a free…

ATM: Wins Motionographer UI/UX

2017-05-02 0 0

All Things Media won the 2016 Motion Awards, hosted by Motionographer. I'm so proud of the team that made all of this happen and honored to have had anything to do with it. MERCEDES-AMG POWERWALL / ALL THINGS MEDIA Mercedes-AMG tasked our studio with creating a unique digital experience to showcase the key characteristics of…

Terrible Fate: Breakdown & Inspiration

2016-12-08 0 0

Everything that Majora's Mask does in this short film I want to do for my projects. So much inspiration. ABOUT Majora's Mask short film, Terrible Fate! Here is a behind the scenes look into the creation of the film. Time's End Disc II: Director: Mike Grier Story Adaptation: Josh Grier Animation Director: Hunter…

Disney’s First Black Animator

2016-08-26 0 0

Laughing Place has this great article on the first African American Disney Animator. Who was the first African American Disney animator? Most Disney fans will answer “Floyd Norman” and until last week, I would have said the same thing. However, I am wrong (and you probably are, too). While Floyd Norman did work forDisney animation, he was…

BTS: Sci-Fi Armor

2016-08-23 0 0

This vid came up in cgmeetup's feed. Straight gangstar and in Blender, no less. There is a lot going on with Blender's cloud solutions: Blender Cloud Don't get me started on the free 99 of it all. Swoon. Andy walks us through the creation process of his Sci-fi armor picture. Check out the Blender Cloud HDRI…

The Future of Arnold

2016-08-23 0 0

Marcos Fajardo, Founder of Solid Angle, reveals his vision for Arnold and talks about why he is excited about the future of rendering. ~ Autodesk

BTS: Breaking Point

2016-08-17 0 0

A really awesome breakdown for Breaking Point came on my cgemeetup thread. BREAKING POINT (2016) The phenomenon " hysterical strength" refers to the ability of people to develop in extreme situations an almost superhuman strength , which is beyond the generally possible. We accompany a mother in childbirth . We follow the action but not in…


2016-08-15 0 0

A lot to digest in this behind the scenes clip from the film "Race" which came out t his February. If you, like me, were unfamiliar with the story's Olympian hero, Jesse Owens, check out NPR's full story, which covers the amazing story of African American Olympians competing in Nazi Germany. I've attached the audio. VFX, Film, Race…

BTS: Zootopia

2016-08-12 0 0

cgmeetup has this awesome breakdown on my favorite movie of the last few years to come out of Disney. MAKING OF ZOOTOPIA ANIMATION ENVIRONMENTS AND CHARACTERS Follow the story’s development from its origins to a big story shift that turned the film upside down. In this feature-length documentary, filmmakers give a candid look into the…

BTS: Kudo and the Two Strings

2016-08-11 0 0

A behind the scenes look at the creative departments at Laika Studios working on Kubo and the Two Strings. ~cgmeetup